The steel cage welding machines are designed for the production of cylindrical cages with and without bells. Upon request, additional shapes (e.g., oval or rectangular cages) can also be produced. The machine is equipped with a cooling unit. The closed cooling circuit guarantees not only greater unit lifetime of the welding machine, but also prevents the generation of wastewater and the wasting of water. If necessary, the cage welding machine can be equipped for inverter welding. The inverter welding unit provides for extremely low power consumption values, a smooth loading of the power mains, uniform welding results, and optimal welding results – with low spark formation.

Steel cage welding machine adopts PLC as the center of system operation and control to realize automatic operation and automatic control of pitch machining. By selecting different processing state control methods of electric pole welding machine, products of various specifications and special specifications can be processed. Only relevant processing parameters need to be reset during processing. High machining accuracy and good product consistency can be achieved.

Steel cage welding machine is safe and easy to operate, it adopts a LCD full localization man-machine interface, the parameter setting and operation control are based on man-machine interface, it can monitoring, alarm, analysis the fault, and display the fault code, analysis the possible cause of the problem, prompt the treatment. With the safe, intuitive, simple operation, it changes thoroughly the past manual processing control mode, which reduces the labor intensity and improves the productivity.

The energy saving of our concrete pole rolling welding machine is more than 35% by welding spot tracking, pulse width modulation triggering welding method, frequency conversion speed regulation optimization motor power output.

The steel cage welding machines are available with several levels of automation:

♦  Automatic straightening and cutting of the longitudinal wires
♦  The automatic feeding unit loads the machine with the longitudinal wires
♦  The inverter welding unit ensures clean and precise welding
♦  The automatic winding wire cutter rounds out the cage production process by automatically cutting the winding wire
♦  The fully automatic cage removal cart removes the cage and emplaces it

Reinforcement cage is used more and more in the construction projects, the traditional manual made steel cage is a waste of time and labor, low efficiency, there is an urgent need for automatic or semi-automatic reinforcement cage equipment. It can be widely used in steel processing plants As well as pile construction and construction units. CNC steel cage molding machine is high accuracy designed and manufactured. It’s used for drilling pile reinforcement cage processing, cage diameter range 800-2500 mm.


1. Our machine use the machine and man interface, the cage length, pitch, close winding can be reset into the Micro-computer. Easy to learn and operate.
2. The main machine use the oil immersed gear wheel driving system.
3. Adopt the high AC welding technology, make the electric circuit simple, low failure rate, and welding spot is more solid, also save electricity.
4. Variable frequency speed control system, longer using life.
5. Steel Spiral wire rolling tray, more fast and convenient.

In the production of round concrete parts (e.g. sewer pipe systems), steel reinforcements are placed into the mould. Concrete is known to be very pressure resistant but in no way tensile or bending resistant. Depending on the installation position different areas of tension arise, which have to be supported differently by steel reinforcements. The best reinforcement cage, by theory, would start with a round shape to support the area of pipe, which is connected with the next pipe, go on with an oval geometry for the middle of the pipe and end with a round shape again, for the second connection end.

So far it hasn’t been possible to produce reinforcement cages with a changed geometrical shape (e.g. round-oval-round) economically. In this case the producer of concrete parts always used two round cages with a different diameter to reduce the tensile strength of a special area of the pipe with the first cage and with the second one they wanted to cover the usually 90 degrees shifted tension of another area. Of course, this results in unequally higher costs and masses for the respective products. This not only has an influence on the component times and component costs, but also manifests itself significantly in the further handling effort.

With our new cage welding machine it is possible to produce cages with variable, intermeshing geometry.In the production process, the reinforcing cages are flowed from one shape to another one and back to the first again, for example round-oval-round. Thus, the tensile stresses, which are located in the concrete pipe by 90 ° in different diameter ranges, will be covered by only one reinforcement cage.