Wire straightening and cutting machine is suitable for material diameters range going from 0,8 up to a maximum of 10mm and cutting length up to 3 meters.

Wire Straightening and Cutting Machines are used to straighten & cut wires to make cut length rods out of coils. This machine is used wherever wire is further processed in form of Rods and where accurate straightening of coiled wire with clean cut, tolerances and high outputs are of importance. They are widely used in Industries concerned with Manufacturers of Locks, Umbrellas, Electrodes, Toys, Fan Cover, Kitchen wares, Auto parts, Rib and Tor Steel Wires, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, S.S Wire & PVC Wire etc.

The wire is drawn from the Coil Pay-off Stand through the driven pinch rollers having grooves of different diameters & passed through the high speed rotating spinner, which is equipped with five numbers of quickly and easily adjustable dies of different materials like carbide, Cast Iron, Cast Nylon etc. depending on the material to be straightened. Finally passing through the cutter, actuated by the push rod fitted on the conveyor, the length required can be adjusted as desired on the conveyor gauge. The straightened and cut – to – length wires are collected on the wire collector at the bottom to be removed manually.

The cut bars tray collector is modular, each module has a lenght of 1 meter ( can process diameters from 0.8mm to 5mm).

Thanks to the rollers straightening system it is the best solution to straight and cut round and shaped profiles made of different materials such as steel, copper or aluminium alloys without damaging the profiles surface.

The machine is assembled on a sturdy electro-welded frame projected to give the opportunity to assemble the machine using different straightener and cutters sizes and four different feeders models.

The cutting length is extremely easy to set: it’s enough to type the required length using the touch-screen. The feeding speed can go from 5% to 100% of the maximum allowed speed, that is 100 bars/minute considering 1000mm long bars.

Wire straightening and cutting machine is designed to straighten coiled wires and then cut it. If you have constructing business to deal with, you will need a good straightening and cutting machine. JIAXIN equipment manufacturer has excellent wire straightener and cutter for sale. This machine has popularly used in the market. The good work capacity and fair price of JIAXIN straightening machine can save a lot of costs and create more profits for your business. JIAXIN automatic wire straightener and cutter will be you best choice.

JIAXIN Wire Straightening Cutting Machine for Sale

JIAXIN company provides different types and sizes of wire cutting straightening machines for sale. Different wire straightener have different features. Let’s take the driven motors as an example. Some wire machinery only has one motor; while another straightening machines have three motors. And different sizes of machines have different work capacity. JIAXIN has many high-quality machines for clients. You can find your ideal straightening cutting machines from JIAXIN .

Why Need A Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine

Wire straightening and cutting machine is widely used in the constructing and masonry industries. This machine is designed to straighten and cut the coiled wires. In most cases, the steel bars are coiled to makes them more convenient to transport. That’s why we need a wire straightening machine when we need to use them.

Advantages of JIAXIN Straightening and Cutting Wire Machine

♦ High-quality motors.
♦ Compact structure.
♦ Computerized control.
♦ Convenient to use.
♦ Good work capacity.
♦ Perfect processing performance.
♦ Able to process in batch.
♦ High efficiency.
♦ High consistency.
♦ Easy to move with four wheels.
♦ Strong durability.
♦ Long working time.
♦ Easy to maintain.
♦ Accessories for free.
♦ Providing custom-made machinery.

Why Choose JIAXIN Wire Straightening and Cutting Machines?

♦ JIAXIN wire straightening and cutting machines are designed reasonably with high-quality material and high-tech.
♦ JIAXIN wire straightener and cutter safety is guaranteed. This machine is safe and reliable to use.
♦ JIAXIN wire automatic straightening machine is computerized control.
♦ JIAXIN coil straightening machine has high quality and good work capacity.
♦ The cost of straightening machine is not high in JIAXIN .
♦ JIAXIN wire straightening machine for round bar is convenient and easy to use.
♦ JIAXIN machines are flexible to move. They are equipped with four wheels to help the displacement.
♦ JIAXIN provides two different kinds of cutting blades. One is slant, and the other is straight. You can choose one of them according to your need.
♦ JIAXIN also provides accessories of wire straightener and cutters for free.